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Hard hat dating stamps

Hard hat dating stamps

I suppose it does come back to manufactures recommendations, but I was under the impression that there were time scales with different types of HH with military and hard hat dating stamps services having the tougher grades lasting 10 years, myth?

Centurion the manufacturer we get our hats from recommend 5 years from first use, 10 years from manufacture whichever is soonerassuming that the storage between manufacture and first use is in the dark and within their temperature regime. At one time it seemed to be the norm for car-driving people who intermittently needed to wear helmets in their work to store them on their car rear parcel shelves - perhaps as an indicator to others that they had a macho occupation.

Sorry date of manufature, thats what I meant. Thats the Italians for you, even their PPE is designer User Profile View All Posts by User View Thanks 7 Posted : hard hat dating stamps May UTC Rank: Super forum user Graham May be the message got around that when the overstretched contracts manager was driving down the motorway at more than the speed limit and needed to apply the brakes hard, his possibly her hard hat hit him very hard in the back of the head.

Many years ago I visited two separate roofing contractors on the same day to advise that I was submitting prosecution reports against. In the afternoon I explained that I wasn't targeting single contractor and that I had visited an unnamed competitor to deliver same message in the morning.

Have a look at the date stamp on your hardhat you might be surprised! As a general guide, industrial safety helmets should be replaced three years after. All hard hat components and accessories should be inspected daily for The " date code" stamped on the inside of your hard hat refers to the.